The AFF recognises that the locations of Zone and World Championships each year may sometimes create problems for all athletes or for individual athletes.  In these situations, the AFF may consider waiving specific athlete agreement obligations.

Some examples of this situation are where a fencer's previous citizenship or permanent residency make it extremely difficult or impossible to travel to a country (or return to Australia).  Similarly, the location of some Championships may be somewhere that the Australian Government (through its official travel advisories) considers that it would be dangerous for AFT and AFS members to travel to.

An example of where this would not apply may be a known situation preventing an athlete from travelling (e.g. a Departure Prohibition Order through a Child Support Agency, or a history of DVT), or personal concern or preferences about a particular overseas area.  In these situations, the athlete should reconsider their nomination to the AFT / AFS, as travel is a requirement of the High Performance Program, and the destination of this travel is often unknown or changeable.