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Elite sport is inherently about excellence. The right to represent Australia at the Olympic Games and the World Championships (open and age) represents the pinnacle of elite sport, and as such is a privilege to be earned. The Selection System sets out the minimum criteria which must be satisfied in order for a fencer to be eligible for selection for these events. Fencers are encouraged to view selection as merely the first step in the process of achieving the performance goals they have set themselves, rather than an end in itself.

Contact Details

The Selection Commission may be contacted through the Chair of the Selection Panel via the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Sections 2.5 - 2.9 of the Selection Policy should be noted in this regard.

Process and Timing

The processes and timing of selections is documented both within the Selection Policy (for example, see section O4.10) and the relevant Operational Protocol (see here).  Note also the fact that the Selection Policy is complemented by some operational processes regarding entry to overseas events (see here).

Special Note Regarding Under-15s Rankings

The March 2015 Selection Policy introduced Under-15 Rankings.  However, a drafting flaw left open the issue of which events would constitute a point accumulation cycle, and how many events would constitute a ranking score.  As an interim measure, and consistent with the rest of the Policy, the Under-15s Rankings will follow the same process as the Cadet Rankings, as set out in C4.1 - C4.6, in addition to the inclusion of the National Under-15s Championships.  This drafting flaw will be addressed in a future version of this Policy.


Please be aware that AFF staff and directors cannot provide information relating to the intepretation of any section of the Selection Policy.  It should also be noted that the Selection Policy is the sole and exclusive source of ranking point allocation - there is no other way to gain ranking points except through the Policy. There is no body or person within any part of the AFF that has the power to allocate ranking points outside of the mechanisms within the Policy.

Changes to Selection Policy - October 2015

The Selection Policy was updated in October 2015.  The text of this appears below, and will be deemed to be published officialy (and therefore effective) on November 30 2015.  A summary of changes made to the Policy also is attached below.