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National Events

16 Feb - 18 Feb 2018
Australian Junior Championships 2018
17 Mar - 18 Mar 2018
2018 HPP Autumn Invitational camp
13 Apr - 15 Apr 2018
DH McKenzie (AFC 1) includes U23 Epee
09 Jun - 11 Jun 2018
2018 Robyn Chaplin (AFC#2)
06 Jul - 09 Jul 2018
2018 HPP Winter Camp
11 Jul - 15 Jul 2018
Australian Cadet and Under 15 Championships

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Yes. There are circumstances where if the NWC believes it would be preferable for an athlete to be granted an exemption from competing in an event in order that they are able to compete in another event an exemption can be granted with the agreement of the HPM. If the NWC and the HPM cannot agree then the HPPC Chairperson will mediate the decision. (It is considered unlikely that the HPPC Chairperson would need to be called on to assist with this type of decision).