The Selection Policy allows athletes who are not part of the High Performance Program to join the AFT/AFS by nominating, and being accepted through merit by meeting performance thresholds and ranking points requirements, or by the Selectors (at their absolute discretion). Several calls for nomination for the AFT/AFS will be made throughout the year. However, it will not be possible for fencers to join and drop out of the AFT/AFS before and after particular competitions for which they may wish to be selected. If fencers did this there may be a period of ineligibility to rejoin the AFF HP Program.

Of course, moving from the AFS to the AFT requires signing the AFT Athlete Agreement, which requires a higher level of commitment than the AFS Athlete Agreement.  Study, work commitments, sickness, and other personal circumstances mean that an athlete may wish to stay in the AFS rather than move up to the AFT.