The Australian Fencing Squad (AFS) is an Australian Open, Under 23, Junior and Cadet Squad for each weapon that is selected each year following each of the World Championships (Open and Junior/Cadet) and Asian Zone Championships (Under 23) from athletes who nominate and commit to a 12 month National Training Program developed by the each of the National Weapon Coaches. As a member of the AFS you are not required to be available for selection for any particular international events (other than the Asian Championships) but you are eligible for selection for specific international events as set out in the AFF Selection Policy. To become a member you must respond to the call for nominations and if you are eligible for selection you will be considered along with other nominees according to the AFF Selection Policy. Selection is not automatic; where there are more nominations from eligible athletes than AFS positions available, the Selection Policy mandates that selections are made based on rankings.