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National Documents and Policies

Operational Protocol – Tour Referees


  1. The National Officiating Director is invited to nominate.  This is qualified by special considerations where the Director has a relative who will be competing.
  2. In the event that there are further requirements for Referees, State Officiating Directors are then invited to nominate.
  3. The National Officiating Director is then invited to submit his/her recommendations regarding the nominations received.
  4. The Executive will then decide from the nominees (Operations Director, to be ratified by the Executive).  The Executive may decide not to select one or more of the nominees.  The factors (in no particular order) that the Executive will use to make their decision will include:
    1. National Officiating Director recommendations (including rationale)
    2. Accreditation Level or experience in nominated weapon
    3. Cost for airfare from Referee’s home state to the competition destination
    4. Accreditation Level or experience in other weapons
    5. Age of Referee in relation to age of event(s)
    6. Professional development opportunities for referee
    7. Previous Member Protection issues
  5. In the event that there are further requirements for Referees, an open nomination process will commence via the AFF Portal.
  6. The decision process will then follow (3) and (4) above.
  7. In the event that there are further requirements for Referees, the Executive will directly approach specific people.

[An Operational Protocol is information about the process by which the AFF Executive generally makes its decisions. It is designed as a matter of governance and transparency so that stakeholders in various decisions may inform themselves as to how decisions are usually made. An Operational Protocol is not policy, and cannot be subject to appeal.]

Last Updated 22 May 2012.