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Personal Sponsors

These organisations are directly Sponsoring a Fencer:


Thankyou for your support of the Sport of Fencing in Australia.


The AFF has honoured the following persons for
their support of the Sport of Fencing in Australia.


Andrew Ius (2017) (Deceased)

Peter Osvath (2014)

Jeff Gray (2012)
See citation below

Alex Donaldson (2011)

Helen Smith AM (2010)

Vivienne Watts [Tucker] (2008)

Peter Andersen (2005)

Denise Dapre, OAM (2005)

Janet Haswell (2001)

William (Bill) Ronald, OAM (2001)

John Fethers (1999) (Deceased)

Harry Sommerville (1999) (Deceased)

Beverley Chan (1994)

Patrick Morley

Laurie Smith

Ivan Lund

Andy V Szakall (Deceased)

Julius Pollack (Deceased)

Max England

David McKenzie AM (Deceased)

Professor Joan Beck (Deceased)

Robyn Chaplin (Deceased)

Eddis Linton


Download this file (Jeff Gray AFF Life Membership.pdf)Jeff Gray - Citation[ ]435 kB