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Fees and Charges

The AFF is a not-for-profit organisation.  Like any organisation, the AFF incurs expenses in order to operate.  A small fraction of the AFF's costs are funded by the Federal Government (usually through the Australian Sports Commission).  For specific initiatives, the AFF receives a small amount of reimbursement from the FIE through the Oceania Fencing Confederation.  However, the greatest proportion of the AFF's operations are funded by affiliated States, and through them, the fencing community.  The table below shows the various fees and charges set by the AFF Executive.  All figures below include GST unless otherwise noted.


Fees and Charges (2015)






AFF Competition Entry


Individual AFC1-2 Entry - Open/U23


Refereeing Opt-out Levy of $77 may also be paid if desired


Individual AFC1-3 Entry - Veterans


Refereeing Opt-out Levy of $77 may also be paid if desired


Individual AFC3 Entry - Open/U23


Contains Officiating Levy of $20.
Refereeing Opt-out Levy of $77 may also be paid if desired


Individual AFC Nationals Entry - Veterans


Refereeing Opt-out Levy of $86 may also be paid if desired


Individual AFC Nationals Entry - Open


Contains Officiating Levy of $20.

Refereeing Opt-out Levy of $86 may also be paid if desired 


Individual Event Entry - Under-15 / Cadet / Junior


Contains an Officiating levy of $50


Individual Event Entry - Under-15 / Cadet / Junior (third weapon in each age category)




Individual Event Entry - Schools Individual


WA and SA competitors should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for special details.


Add-on for Veterans for second event (no charge for third event)




Team Event Entry - State Teams / School Teams / Club Teams


Invoiced by AFF to States


Late Entry Fee - Under-15 / Cadet / Junior / U23 / Open


No late entry fees are charged for Veterans events.  Note that for Under-15s, Cadets and Juniors, an Officiating levy ($50) will be added to late entry fee.





Competitive Senior Capitation


Payable from State Affiliation fee paid by athlete


Competitive Junior Capitation


Payable from State Affiliation fee paid by athlete


Coach Capitation


Payable from State Affiliation fee paid by coach


AFF Life Member Capitation


State Associations may still elect to charge AFF Life members full local affiliation fees





Affiliation of State Association to AFF


Payable by State to the AFF




Regional Camp Fee (per day)


Camp costs varies with location 


Late registration will attract an additional fee.

AFT Camp Fee (per day)


Non-AFT Athlete invited by National Coach

  Late registration will attract a $95 Fee.  Note also that there is a per-camp (i.e. not a per day) cost for camps. 


AFT/AFS Athlete

  This only applies to selected camps, although late registration fee still applies.



FIE Licence


FIE Licence for current season (Oct-Sep)


FIE Licence year varies from AFF year

EFC Registration


European Fencing Confederation registration for the current season (Oct-Sep) 


EFC Registration year varies from AFF year

Category "E" event entry


Charged where entry for an entry is required to be made by the AFF on behalf of an athlete


Applies to (for example) World Cups, Satellite events, foreign national events, etc.




Officials Registration


Registration on establishment or renewal of Official (i.e. referee) status


Per year

Referee / Coaching seminar


Cost of attending seminar


Coach Assessment / Registration




Registration on establishment or renewal of coach status


Per year 


Level 2 Practical Assessment




Level 2 Written Assessment



Level 3 Practical Assessment





Nomination Deposit


Deposit required as part of nomination for International event; offset against actual costs


Athlete cannot be accepted for nomination / selection without fee.  Deposits will be refunded for unsuccessful nominations.

Tour Expenses Deposit


Deposit required to cover significant accommodation & minor team management costs which will be incurred for interntaional event; offset against actual costs


Athlete will be invoiced 2 months before international event.  Athlete may not travel on tour without deposit payment.

Tour Insurance


Per day insurance costs for overseas tours and competitions


Athlete may apply to be exempted from this fee on provision of documentation showing alternative travel policy, prior to travel




Camp Nomination


Per day deposit for overseas camps


Athlete cannot be accepted for nomination / selection without fee




High Performance Program Nomination Deposit


Deposit required as part of nomination for AFT/AFS; offset against fees


Athlete cannot be accepted for nomination / selection without fee.  Deposits will be refunded for unsuccessful nominations.






Category E Competition Assessment


Administration fee associated with making an application to the Selection Commission to undertake a ranking point assessment




Note that information for bank account and remittance address details can be found on this web site (Document and Policies / All Documents and Policies / Address and Bank Details).  With some fees and charges, the AFF passes on the estimated processing costs charged to it by third parties (e.g. credit card processing fees), usually 4%.  Any refund provided will be net of any transaction processing fee.  Information about the AFF's policy on credit terms can be found on the web site (click here ).


International Competitions and Trips

Over and above the above costs, the AFF will organise representative tours and trips.  Each athlete is expected to pay for their own airfares, accommodation, meals, incidental expenses, entry fees, fencing equipment, personal coaching, levies by organisers, and any other associated costs.  In addition, each athlete will be expected to contribute a share of any costs incurred by Australian team officials, including any referee(s) that we are required to provide (please also see here), as well as the tour manager(s) and coach(es).  The AFF tries to minimise costs to its athletes, and so tries to make arrangements as far in advance as possible and practical.  Athletes should note that the nomination deposit is offset against actual tour costs, and an invoice will be provided for the shortfall between the actual tour cost and the deposit amount.  Further, the AFF does not provide individual athletes with detailed breakdowns of actual team levy amounts as they appear on any invoices or credit notes (please also note the Operational Protocol relating to this area - click here).

As a benchmark, athletes should expect to budget for the following approximate levels of costs:

  • World Championships (usually Europe): $5,000 - $6,000
  • Asian Championships: $3,500 - $4,500
  • Oceania Championships: $2,500 - $3,500
  • Commonwealth Championships: as above, depending on location


Fines - Competitions

For World Cups and other FIE Competitions, as well as EFC events and other National competitons, a number of fines may be levied by the organisers (or the FIE), and in all cases these are passed on by the AFF to individuals.  Athletes should make themselves aware of these fines, which can start at 500 Euros in value.  They include:

  • *  Where a number of fencers (combined male / female) entered into an event would create a situation where a fine would be imposed for having insufficient referees - shared by athletes, except where otherwise specified in the Selection Policy (e.g. World Cups).
  • *  Where a fencer enters an event, and fails to compete (without a medical certificate) - levied on individual athlete.
  • *  Where a fencer submits a late entry, that entry is accepted, and a late entry fee is levied (or a referee fine is consequently levied) - levied on individual athlete.