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National Events

16 Nov - 20 Nov 2018
Australian open and veteran championships
23 Nov - 28 Nov 2018
Commonwealth Senior and Veteran Fencing Championships
20 Dec - 23 Dec 2018
2018 HPP Summer camp
07 Jan - 11 Jan 2019
National Sabre Camp
14 Feb - 17 Feb 2019
2019 Junior National Championships
19 Apr - 21 Apr 2019
AFC1, including U23 Epee

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Generally, the weapons control rules are shown under Material Rules here: http://fie.org/fie/documents/rules.  The implementation and adaptation of these is described in the Policy document attached below. 

Body wires

Bayonet body wire connectors in foil and sabre are permitted at all events hosted in Australia.

Changes to mask requirements

In late 2017, the FIE introduced changes to the rules governing the fastening systems for masks. Further details are contained in Rule m25.7 of the FIE Material Rules - click here. The new requirements apply to all FIE events from the start of the 2018/19 season (September 2018).

The AFF Board has determined that the new mask fastening requirements will apply to all AFC events from 1 January 2019.

Changes to chest protectors (foil only)

The FIE has amended the rules to require chest protectors used for foil to be covered with a material which meets certain specifications (as set out in Rule m.25.4.c of the FIE Material Rules - click here

The AFF Board has determined that the new requirements for chest protectors will not apply to AFC events.

National Schools Competitions

For National Schools Competitions, the following requirements do not apply, but are recommended:

  • * 800N Jacket & Breeches (only 350N minimum is required), conductive Foil Bib