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National Events

21 Jan - 25 Jan 2019
National Sabre Camp
14 Feb - 17 Feb 2019
2019 Junior National Championships
29 Mar - 31 Mar 2019
AFC1, including U23 Epee
07 Jun 2019
National Sabre Clinic
08 Jun - 10 Jun 2019
AFC2, including U23 Foil
05 Jul - 09 Jul 2019
U15/Cadet Nationals
11 Jul - 14 Jul 2019
HPP Winter Camp - 2019
31 Jul 2019
National Sabre Clinic
01 Aug - 04 Aug 2019
AFC3, including U23 sabre

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Entry to overseas tournaments where Australia is invited to enter a number of fencers, or a team, will appear on this website approximately four months prior to the event date.  Nominations will go through a selection process, most commonly according to the Selection Policy.  Examples of this type of event include World, Zone, and Oceania Championships.  Each Nomination invitation carries its own specific conditions, but basically it requires that fencers have no debts with the AFF, an acknowledgement of team obligations, FIE license, etc.

Other overseas tournaments - typically non-Championships - must be entered through the AFF.  These are usually World Cups or A-Grade events, domestic competitions, or satellite events.  Some of these events carry special conditions (e.g. restrictions on citizenship), and may require membership of foreign fencing associations.  Fencers should note that many competitions carry a fine of at least $800 for non-appearance, which is payable if you are entered and do not compete.

It is highly recommended that you never act through third parties in attempting to enter overseas events.  Often there will be a country-to-country entry or protocol requirement.  You should always make your own, direct queries of both the AFF and the foreign Federation regarding entry requirements.

Entry to European Fencing Circuit Events requires registration, and payment of the associated fee.  Entry to Asian Circuit Events requries an FCA licence.

Pre-Requisites for International Entry

In summary, these are the pre-requisition steps required for entry to EFC, FIE, or any other "Category E" events:

1.  Ensure that you are fully affiliated with your State association for the current calendar year (click here).

2.  Access your AFF Portal information and ensure that all address and contact details there are correct. Including what hand you fence with.

3.  Add your Australian Passport in the AFF Portal ("My Passports"), and wait for it to be verified.

4.  Add your Official Photo in the AFF Portal ("Official Photo"), and wait for it to be verified - note that is is not your athlete bio photo.

5.  Ensure that you have read all of the sections of the Selection Policy relevant to the event to be entered.  Of particular note is section 2.2 of the Policy which relates to Team participation.

Event Entry

6.  Apply and pay for your EFC, FCA or FIE licence in the AFF registration system here:  https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=13404  

7.  Register for the event and pay the (non-refundable) Australian nomination fee here: https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=31092 

Fencers must go through the above process themselves.  The only exception is for minors, in which case it must be done by a parent.  The reason for this relates to potential financial penalties associated with non-appearance, referee fines, etc. (see below).

Checking Your Entry

For FIE events, it is possible to check your entry by accessing www.fie.org , under the Competitions menu, Calendar, and searching for the competition details. The competition entries can be found under the Entries option.

For EFC events, it is possible to check your entry by accessing www.eurofencing.info , under the Tournaments menu searching for the competition details. The competition entries can be found by clicking on the event, then selecting the Inscriptions option.

For FCA events, this process is not currently published.

Other Information

For full information on selected overseas events, refer to this web site under Competitions, Overseas Events.  Some events will require entry directly by the athletes (as opposed to by the AFF, on behalf of its athletes).  Where this is the situation, you will be advised of this by email following your request for entry.

Payment for the event happens according to the relevant event regulations prior to the event, usually at registration or weapons control and sometimes a day or two before the event.

If you are under 18, and will not be travelling with a parent, the FIE requires you to have a special document submitted to the event organisers (an example can be found here ).

For most FIE events, the FIE will accept entries up to 7 days prior to an event. That means that you must have completed all of the processes above 9 days prior.  Under the FIE rules, entries after that will attract a fine of at least $250 to $400, which must been confirmed as received in full by the AFF before any request is made to the FIE. When calculating how late an entry will be, the AFF will add 2 days for its own processes.