In the interests of long-term outcomes for Australian Fencing, the answer to this is “no - it is definitely not against our best interests”. It is in the long-term interest of Australian Fencing to build a strong National Team. The decision comes down to whether you prioritise the best interests of Australian Fencing or the best interest of individuals. To prioritise the best interest of individuals is short-sighted and not in the best long-term interest of fencing. It treats each team selected for each competition as a standalone event and ignores the necessity of using competitions as a stepping stones to build on for success in the future. The AFF’s strategic pathway to achieving success is strongly based on building Australian teams of elite athletes (the National Team).  Team building requires long-term commitment and dedication to the team and every encouragement must be given to athletes to be part of the program that is building towards this common goal.  If an individual does not commit to be part of the program developed to build Australian teams and wishes to remain outside the program, it is reasonable that they will get reduced opportunities over those who commit to the team building program approach.  There is a balance between putting your strongest team on the piste now and creating a culture and an environment that supports future success. This is the AFF’s long-term strategy which is definitely the better way to achieve our long-team goals.